I believe that Community is the root of the church. A church cannot claim success if Community is not flourishing or being nurtured. Which is why a lot of my blog posts (in the Blog Post section of this website) will always feature people whom I’ve build relationship with in my community. I believe that part of being a leader in ministry is letting go of any insecurity or competitive ego and embrace that you are part of the bigger picture of church. You are a piece of Gods Kingdom puzzle, given a unique voice to express something God wants to share with his people. We have to work together in the community for the same purpose. So I wanted to share this piece of my heart because I know women deal with this problem. We are highly insecure and have this competitive spirit and I believe the Enemy has used this far too long and has caused many Women to be oppressed and unsuccessful in the church.  So there you Go…Let it go, you are beautiful you bring something special to the table now go and get together with other women and do something fantastic for Jesus!!! 😉




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