Dear Beloved Readers,

In my personal experience, allowing yourself to be so in your head can be a bit dangerous. I had this conversation not too long ago with my friend who is wrestling out some things in her faith. I completed related to her because I too am wrestling things out in my past that have started to affect my present emotions and thought pattern. I was so inside my head and trying to work out my problems that I forgot the most important part of walking out Spiritual wholeness and that was JESUS! Well it’s been a few weeks since I written anything, and I intended to post something weekly on my blog, but recently I’ve felt really unmotivated to even open my Bible to journal and write. I’ve been guilty of not taking the time to do devotions and I guess you can say I’ve been avoiding spending alone time with the Lord. I share this because I think many of us have had times where we are in the busyness of work life, home life, friendships, and pretty much anything else in this world that can distract us. Or like myself, you are spending too much time in your head working out your own problems. Then a few days ago I was looking through some old photo albums on my Facebook and I was rediscovering imagines of places I’ve visited or gone on missions trips. It prompted something in me.

In those photos I saw with new eyes the beauty of the trips I’d taken oversees, the faces of the ones who had impacted me. I saw the places where I felt the presence of the Lord and remembered hearing from God most audibly. Looking at those photos even sparked me remembering a distinct prayer I use to make before life became so “complicated”  I would pray “Lord let every voice, distraction, thought, worry and frustration become like white noise in the background of my life so that I may only listen to you.” And I had forgotten about this super simple, innocent, pure prayer that I would make when I was first discovering church and ministry for myself in my early Twenties.

In rediscovering those pictures and the feeling I had with hearing from God I felt a twinge of hurt. Why am I not the same person excited to hear from God? why am I not excited to spend time with him? and I felt this urge to understand how to tap back into that sense of discovery again. While I’m still wrestling with past incidences that have left a mark on my heart, I am aware of the prayer I need to make. The prayer of making everything else like white noise so I can hear from God.  I am aware of the importance of allowing those thoughts to be taken captive so that I can rediscover Jesus and the power that comes with him. The power of healing, wholeness, joy and everything else the scripture says Jesus has to offer.

This blog entry is short, simple and I leave you with one question and one challenge.

What would you…Today..identify as noises filling your life?

I urge you to allow yourself to rediscover the presence of God, through worship, word, silence, prayer, meditation, or Community. Because I can tell you in this current season I am living, the real joy ought to be the discovery and journey of our faith while we are on this earth.



P.S The photo on this post is of the time I spent walking through just one of the many Parks I walked in France. I spent a lot of time listening to God on that Trip, but I discovered his voice so audibly through the community I encountered in my time there.


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